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2 Types of Temporary Residence Permit in South Africa


TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMITS VISA SOUTH AFRICAIf you are planning to go to South Africa as an immigrant, you need to have the knowledge and information related to the application procedures involved in visa permit and any other requirement associated with the immigration. If you want to enquire about these details, you can get the answers at various offices like; Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, South African Embassy, The High Commission and the Consulate. You also need to furnish the good character certificate. The immigration office will also confirm that you are not harmful to the country in any aspect and will not work in occupations, which already have the required number of people.

Types of Temporary Residence Permit

The temporary residence permits are issued, in case you are visiting the country for more than three months but less than three years for reasons like: student permit/visa; relatives permit; medical permit; retired persons permit; business permit; work permit. If you need any assistance in the paper work or information on the documents required to get the permit, you have various options like; different websites, immigration consultants and South African High Commission.

  • Business permit: you can apply for the business permit in South Africa, if you want to invest capital in the country by either starting a new business there or putting your money in an existing business. The capital amount you want to invest should be a substantially big amount and not a meager amount. You cannot just state in your application form the amount you want to invest and be done with it; instead you need to furnish proof of your financial position. You must obtain the certificate from a registered South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ chartered accountant clearly stating that you are capable of satisfying all the financial requirements needed for the business permit. You need to submit this certificate along with your application form for temporary residence. 
  • Temporary Residence Permit: you need to apply for this in your native or country of residence at the South African diplomatic representative. In case, if the South African diplomatic representative does not exist in your native country, you need to apply at any neighbor country which has the representation. The processing of the application forms is done by the Foreign Offices of the Department of Home Affairs and they must issue you temporary residence permit before you go to South Africa and should be valid for as long as you stay there. The cost/fee of the permit totally depends on what type of permit you have applied for.

Application for Immigration

You need to submit the immigration application form within your native country or the country of residence to the nearest South African office and then wait for the results before you can start the immigration process. In case you are applying for the immigration in South Africa only, you must satisfy few requirements like: you should be residing in South Africa and should be carrying a valid work permit; must carry a valid temporary residence permit or you should be married to or child of a citizen of South Africa; a permanent and lawful South African citizen should be your blood relative along with being your immigration sponsor; you should be exempted from the requirement to be provided with temporary residence permit south africa.

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