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5 Essential Tips for Improving CTR of Your Display Campaign

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If you are an advertiser, achieving a high Click Through Rate(CTR) has to be one of the top things on your list as it is only with this that you can be ascertained of PPC success. In most cases, these rates will be determined by the number of visitors who click through the ads on your site. Accordingly, you have to be tactful with regards to the approaches you take to improve these rates. Here are a few pointers that could be of use:

1. Use Precise Terms Where Possible

Even though using terms that are an exact match for your campaign may automatically help you get high conversions, they will give you a better chance. With that in mind, optimisation should always be at the back of your mind as you work on that campaign. If you keep tabs on the keywords that are performing optimally and apply them cleverly in your ads, things will be easier for you.

2. Keep Things Relevant 

The keywords you use should have some significant connection with the ad; the more relevant the link between these two, the higher the chances that your ads will capture someone’s attention. Thus, regardless of the keywords you opt to use, it’s important to group and assign them specific ads based on their relevancy.

3. Test New Ads 

Giving your ad copy a new twist can go a long way into making your marketing campaigns more successful. Sometimes, it may just be that the description you first wrote was not clever or captivating enough, and with a little adjustment, things may change for the better.

4. Employ Rich Media Usage

Having text on your website is important, but if you want your ads to have an even greater effect, you should consider incorporating images. Remember, you want your message to be just as visually appealing as it is contextually relevant.

5. Consider Ad Extensions

From seller rating and previous visit extensions to consumer rating and social extensions, there are quite a good number of extensions that you take advantage of to help your CTR increase. If your site is for a business that only deals locally, for example, a good idea would be to incorporate a location extension. A call extension can be appropriate if you need users to locate your stores by giving you a call.

These simple tips can play a big part in helping you maximise on CTR. Nevertheless, if you would rather have the process of improving CTR automated for one reason or the other, you can opt for programmatic marketing. This system will enable you to not only improve the value of your content, but also target your audience better, and in a cost effective way.

In summary, a good CTR means getting as much traffic for your ads as possible. Still, a high CTR doesn’t necessarily translate to a conversion. Thus, even as you work on CTR, you should look at the bigger picture and think about other issues that may come into play such as the return on investment, the type of offering and competition.

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