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5 Ways To Cut Down Business Travel Costs


Some would argue that business travel is not as necessary as it once was. You can now jump on a Skype call and speak to the Tokyo office on the other side of the world. Sure, this technology now makes communication possible. But, in our minds, it’s just not as powerful as a face-to-face meeting. When it comes to sealing that big deal or signing a big new client, traveling is essential.


However, most businesses are on a tight budget these days, and we’ve got to keep costs low. We’ve done our fair share of business travel in the last decade. We like to think we’ve got it down to a fine art! Today we’re sharing some of our top tips with you. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?


  1. Cut down roaming charges – How many times have you come home from a business trip with a giant phone bill waiting for you? Call charges while abroad can get phenomenally expensive. And that’s before you’ve touched the 3G charges! Our friend Issa Asad has been trying to come up with a way around this. His suggestion is to use phone cards while abroad. They’re much cheaper and you know your budget limits.


  1. Make the most of discounts – Most travel companies offer corporate discounts to business travelers. That’s everyone from airlines to trains to rental car companies. It’s always worth asking if there is a discount available. Most are happy to accommodate, even to small companies and single travelers. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


  1. Collect air miles and rewards – Frequent flier points are so useful. But, the biggest trick here is to collect them while you’re on the ground. Yes, most air miles and reward points can be obtained using credit cards and offers. Choose the right card and you’ll build up thousands of air miles. Then you can get money off hotels, flights and upgrades. The experts always say you get the best value out of reward points by upgrading to business class. Who are we to argue?


  1. Take budget options – There’s nothing better than simplicity when it comes to travel. Ask yourself if you need the luxury first class trip and five star hotel. Business travel got a little out of hand in its heyday, and the expectations are still high. Instead, save yourself a fortune by taking the budget airline and a standard hotel. After all, it’s the business presentation you’re there for, not a holiday. A hotel is a place to rest your head, and the plane gets you from A to B.


  1. Be flexible – We understand this isn’t always possible when it comes to business meetings. Just try and expand your options slightly and you could save a fortune. Could you take a flight to the outer airport and get a bus, for example? Keep your options open and you’ll be surprised at the savings.


Sometimes, a good business deal needs a face-to-face meeting. That means getting on a plane, but it doesn’t have to be the expense it once was. Follow these tricks and save yourself a fortune.

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