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7 Linkedin Marketing Strategies You Must Follow


If we have a company, whether sole, small, medium or large, the social network Linkedin can be a great ally to promote our business, increase our customer base, meet new suppliers, etc. However, despite many companies and people already in Linkedin are few who use it strategically according to a specific objective of marketing and communication.

1. Optimize your profile and your company:

The first strategy to develop a good marketing LinkedIn Profile is complete both personal and that of your company. Remember to create a profile of your LinkedIn Company must have a personal email account and have the same company.

It is important to complete 100% of your profile, using key words or phrases that will identify the search network professionals. You must also enter company data, the summary or description thereof to generate reliable and appear in searches.

2. Add your photo and an image that identifies your company:

Upload an image that identifies you as a professional and sized to project a good image. Likewise page of the company should have an image that identifies it to position itself in the network of professionals and businesses. This is an important marketing action LinkedIn. You can take the professional marketing service. You should know how to get the best professional for your marketing strategy you can check Devumi’s example.

3. Edit the name and URL of your website

If you want to boost the visibility of your website or blog in search engines, go to your LinkedIn profile, you click on “edit profile” and space to add 3 links. Instead of showing “My Blog” and “My website”, you click on “edit” and then choose the “Other” and enter the name of your site or, better yet, a keyword that is representative of the way people looking for your products or services. And do not forget to place the URL of your web also.


4. Update your status:

Update your status is another no less important LinkedIn marketing strategy. In the social platform professionals will find a space for fast updates that is very similar to Twitter, but it gives you up to 148 characters to write your message. It is important to update your status because it is first thing you see all your connections when they enter your profile.

You can also use the status box at the same time to update your Twitter, interesting when you have little time to manage your social accounts.

5. Make connections in LinkedIn

The connections are to be the contact list in your LinkedIn network. The connection process starts when you apply to people you know connect to your network. Remember that the more contacts you have, the better because they will be the first who will see your updates, therefore increase the likelihood that more people visit your profile and help the LinkedIn marketing is successful. You could buy LinkedIn followers for you initial boost up. It will work for you good.

Also, build your network connection lets you connect with past clients and identify potential customers, exploring the degrees of separation between them.

6. Create and join a group:

If you start creating your network connections, you can join up to 50 groups, whether large or small. The important thing to belong to a group is involved in the making and answering questions according to your specialty area. If there is no group of interest to the network it gives you the chance to create one.

Remember that if you choose to join an inactive group is useless, the key is that the group is well connected with your areas of interest, showing activity and obviously you must participate actively sending notes and commenting on other people.

7. Make and answer questions

Another action is to LinkedIn marketing and answer questions that will give you the opportunity to attract the attention of the popular Google search engine within the network of professionals. The more questions you answer, the more chances you have people interested in visiting your profile. This way you can generate traffic to your website.

Also, if you answer the questions users will have solid and professional possibilities that you qualify as the best answer. So you’ll go positioning as an expert / or in a particular subject and people more susceptible to xset your opinions.

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