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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Workers from Covid-19?


Keeping businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge, to say the least. Employers have had to adjust to the public health guidelines and restrictions and ensure that they are providing a safe environment for workers. But simply following the guidelines isn’t necessarily going to cut it. There may be other measures you can take that go above and beyond, and truly create as safe of an environment as possible. It’s worth asking yourself if you are doing enough to keep your workers safe from COVID-19.


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Let’s take a look at some of the measures you can be taking.

Provide Employees with an Array of Personal Protective Equipment

It was only a year ago that most people hadn’t even heard of personal protective equipment – or PPE – but it’s become a necessity in every person’s life now. Where it used to be that just certain industries required PPE, nowadays, personal protective equipment for office workers, grocery store clerks, hairstylists, teachers, and more have become the standard.

In the category of PPE, there are such things as eye protection, respiratory protection, skin protection, foot protection, hearing protection, head protection, and hand protection. This is the perfect time to ask yourself if you’re providing adequate protection in all the relevant areas, keeping in mind how COVID-19 spreads.

Have You Increased Cleaning and Sanitization in the Office?

The next question to ask is whether or not your current cleaning and sanitization schedule, methods, and products are adequate. Whatever was considered normal and adequate pre-COVID-19 is definitely not enough now. It’s important that cleaning is happening on a more regular basis, throughout the day, and that products that disinfect are being used.

Of particular concern are high-touch surfaces and touch points such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, phones, faucets, appliances in the office kitchen, and so forth. These need cleaning many times a day, not just once a day.

Do You Have Hand Sanitization Stations for Employees?

Hand hygiene is one of the most important elements in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and encouraging employees to follow good hand hygiene practices isn’t enough. Besides making sure the washroom facilities are well-stocked with soap, setting up hand sanitization stations throughout the office is wise. This includes giving each employee hand sanitizer pumps at their desk. You are not only encouraging employees to sanitize often; you are giving them the tools necessary to do so.

What About Ventilation?

We all know by now that physical distancing is an excellent way to combat the spread of COVID-19, but when you’re sharing an office space with many people, ventilation is also extremely important. This may be the time to look at your current ventilation system and upgrade it if necessary.

There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Careful

When it comes down to it, there really is no such thing as being too careful and protecting your employees too much. Making sure you do all you can to ensure their safety while in the workplace is not just your responsibility but it will create a positive atmosphere in that employees feel valued.

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