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Aspects To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Or Used Forklift Truck


Almost all companies and business enterprises involved with buying and selling large quantities of stock need to have forklift trucks on hand to help them run their operations. After all; forklifts can move heavy items and large amounts of stock much quicker and safer than people can.

2572917367_9f705dc8c5Of course, all forklifts have a specific lifespan so it is inevitable that companies with goods in an in and out operation will have to replace their ageing trucks with more capable machines at some point or another.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of things which companies need to keep in mind when they do this.

The Basics

Regardless of whether they plan on buying new or used forklifts, buyers that are tasked with purchasing new machines need to do a bit of research beforehand in order to figure out which type of forklift will best suit their firm’s needs. The most basic aspects – the size, function, and engine type of a new or used machine – are likely to have the most impact on how useful it will be so buyers should make a list of ways they are going to utilise the lift as well as where it will be most frequently used. A forklift intended for outdoor use will be different than one intended for use in a warehouse with narrow aisles, so buyers need to plan accordingly.

Engine Specific Checks

The three most common engine types for a new or used machine are electric, petrol, and diesel engines. Naturally, the type of specific aspects buyers need to look for when purchasing a forklift will depend largely on the type of engine they opt for. For example, while buyers will need to look underneath a petrol or diesel powered machine for obvious fluid leaks, they will not need to do so on a forklift with an electric engine. Buyers will also need to find out the weight and power ratings for each type of forklift as this will give them an accurate idea of how much weight (maximum) the machine can carry, and whether or not the engine will be powerful enough to meet their needs.

Test Drive

Buyers would do well to get one of their company’s drivers to test drive any forklift which they are thinking of purchasing. A test drive should begin with cold starting the engine as this will show the buyer how long it takes the engine to warm up and be ready for use (it will also allow them to listen out for any abnormal noises). The driver should then test the forklift’s ability to function and manoeuvre by carrying out tasks that the machine will be expected to do if it is purchased. This should include (at the very least) using the lift to test its functionality and ease of use, and moving pallets from one designated spot to another.

Without doubt, keeping these aspects in mind will help buyers to purchase a suitable machine for their needs.

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