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Could You Do More to Sell Your Brand?


How good of a job do you tend to do as it relates to selling your brand to consumers? If things could be better, is now the time you take action to improve sales and get that revenue increasing? By being pro-active to sell your brand, you stand an improved chance of being in business […]

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3 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Cannabis Dispensary Should be Using


Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to group any form of marketing or advertising that leverages digital channels to promote a product or service, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, business websites, content marketing, SMS (text messages), and mobile apps. Since the inception of the web, digital marketing […]

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Overhaul your marketing strategy in 3 steps


Are you worried that your promotional campaigns simply aren’t cutting through? The lack of an effective advertising plan can spell disaster for your sales levels, so this isn’t an issue you can afford to ignore. The good news is, it may be easier than you think to turn your fortunes around. Keep reading for three […]

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7 Linkedin Marketing Strategies You Must Follow


If we have a company, whether sole, small, medium or large, the social network Linkedin can be a great ally to promote our business, increase our customer base, meet new suppliers, etc. However, despite many companies and people already in Linkedin are few who use it strategically according to a specific objective of marketing and […]

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