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Competing Online with Remarketing Tools


Internet marketers and small businesses have a new venue for their products. With the use of a website they can advertise or sell products and services online. There is a different style of marketing online. This is a pervasive kind of marketing which follows the user wherever he goes. Large online internet stores use this, Google uses this to generate income, and even Facebook has made this a benchmark for their marketing efforts. Called remarketing, it makes use of small pieces of code which are practically invisible to users.

The only real problem with using this method is that there is not enough expertise in this approach. Developers and designers are usually late in understanding what remarketing is and how it can help organic growth. There may be a need for some knowledge about Internet marketing and search engine optimisation which can be daunting for technical persons who are concerned only with making a great looking website.

Website metrics

Internet marketing is dependent on the number of clicks, views and impressions. These are events, or things you would expect a website visitor would do, but since these are counted by the server, or by third-party analytics sites, they become metrics once the measurement comes in.

Visitor metrics and website analytics help the Internet marketer understand their market. The numbers help show them where the visitors live, what devices they use, whether they are male or female, as well as their approximate age. Other information that analytics provide is how long the visitor stayed on the site, which website referred them, how many pages were browsed, and other website usage information.

Google and Facebook remarketing

Google and Facebook remarketing codes allow the product to follow the user. What this means is that when a user browses a product description page, or leaves a checkout counter empty handed, the items on the cart or on the last page browsed are used by these marketers as ads for the pages the user wants to browse next.

For instance, when a user browses a shoe store website which has a Facebook remarketing tool, the ad for that item will appear as a Facebook page ad. If the store had a Google remarketing tool code in the page, the ad for the store item will appear wherever an adword banner appears.

This is pervasive and may seem like an invasion of privacy. However, the user would know that these are items that have not yet been closed and that he can still open. This is a focused manner of advertising. It reminds the user about the items he wants to buy. The ad also enables the user to just click on the ad space and the online store can open via a separate window. These are tools which can help a fledgling company compete with larger online stores.

Don’t make it difficult

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