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Expanding Your Business Audience


As a business, part of your goal may always grow and change – but there will always be some restrictions that may prevent your growth. One area that allows this growth is by reaching out to a new audience, or simply expanding the audience you currently have – but what are the best ways to approach this?

Communication and engagement – One of the easiest ways and perhaps most vital to growing your audience is to communicate and engage with them, although your marketing campaign may already include email and social media presence, there’s always work to be done on this front. It has been suggested that as we move through the 2020’s, the defining point of a business won’t be in the products it offers or the pricing, but in the customer service it offers – if you’d like to expand your audience, try to engage more actively rather than passively, reach out to an audience that you may not represent and see what sort of response you get back.


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Identify your business challenges – To understand where opportunities for growth are within your business and the audience it holds, you need to understand what challenges you face. An example recently of where this has been seen is within mobile gaming – typically considered a market to be focussed on young teen males, now has a majority in women over the age of 30 showing how adjustments and challenges can be expanded.

This is particularly true with betting and gambling services, one challenge that needed to be overcome was found in the introduction of an initiative that prevented a core audience from participating in these games, the initiative called Gamstop was a self inclusion service but recent changes have led to many operators having to join in a mandatory way, there are a number of sites registering outside of the UK however and these non uk casinos accept UK players, another example of overcoming a challenge in business to capture a new audience.

Don’t neglect change – It’s easy to become complacent when things are going well, but this may be the perfect opportunity to adopt changes into parts of your strategy – when things aren’t going so well there opportunity to expand may be a tough sell, but with success comes growth – use this time to look for changes in process and identify areas that you may not have looked at recently, and may have been neglected. 

It takes a lot of work to grow and expand, especially if you operate in more of a niche environment, but this doesn’t mean you’re unable to move into these markets and grow – don’t be afraid to continue exploring your new avenues and adjusting strategy to allow these changes to happen. The digital environment we operate in provides a whole new host of opportunities, explore as many as possible to make the most out of every opportunity and avenue that is available to your business and to the potential customers you’re missing out on.

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