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Four Things a Drain Cleaning Company Can Do for You


Every homeowner needs to have one or more of their drains cleaned from time to time. Obviously this is a service provided by a drain cleaning company, but there are a wide range of things that they can do for you. The following are a few of them.

Remove objects from a toilet
Sometimes it is difficult to determine the cause of a toilet that has overflowed. It is possible that it is an issue with the main line because this connects directly to your toilet. However, it may be something that is lodged inside the toilet. A small object that was inadvertently dropped in the toilet. If this is the case, the object must be removed. Often a drain cleaner can clear the toilet and remove the object with the use of an auger, but at other times, the toilet may need to be removed, and the object removed after a visual inspection. In either case, it is a job that is done more quickly by a professional drain cleaner.

They can quickly locate the problem

It is not always easy to identify exactly where the stoppage is in a drain line. In fact, it can be difficult to understand the cause of the issue as well. In some cases, you may spend too much time attempting to discover the location of the stoppage. Your drain pipes can be confusing. What appears to be two or three separate stoppages may be a single stoppage. Knowing this, as well as knowing how best to clear the drain line, is something that a drain cleaner can do quickly.

Identifying the cause of repeat drain stoppages
If you attempt to clear the drain line yourself and it clogs back up again, a drain cleaner will know what the next step is. Sometimes it may be a problem with a drain pipe that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. In this case, it is only a matter of cleaning it a second time. At other times it may be that you have a soft stoppage, and an alternative to using a rooter machine will need to be sued to clear the line. Understanding the problem is half the solution, but only a drain cleaner will know how to diagnose the problem.

Help with main line problems
If you have a problem with your main drain pipe, you should not attempt to do this work yourself. It takes a large rooter machine with sharp blades to cut through plant roots that have grown into the drain pipe. Although a drain cleaner can clear the main line, a good plumbing company can also look through your drain pipe with a camera to inspect your pipe. If the only problem with the pipe is the roots, the location of the problem can be pinpointed, and it may be possible for you to identify the source of the roots and remove the tree or bush. If this is not possible, a plumber may be able to install a cleanout, so it is easier to remove the roots in the future.

The above services are only a few things that a professional Calgary Drain Cleaning and plumbing company can do for you. Their services are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case you have an emergency drain or plumbing issue.


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