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How Office Fruit Can Benefit Your Business


If you’re seeking an effective way to boost employee engagement, morale and productivity, look no further than office fruit.

Fresh fruit offers many benefits to the workplace, not least of which showing your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. Doing so leads to happier and healthier employees who are more likely to feel valued in the workplace.

By making staff health and wellbeing a priority, you will not only increase productivity and engagement, but you will also ensure increased motivation and staff retention, as your business becomes known as a company that cares.

The benefits of fruit

Fruit is a cost-effective motivator and one of the easiest and cheapest ways of engaging in staff wellness in your workplace.

A busy office workspace does not usually offer employees the healthiest options when it comes to eating on the run, often resulting in employees having to rely on vending machine snacks and fast food to get them through the day. However, fresh fruit in the office is a cheap and easy way to give employees the healthy boost they need without suffering the sugar crash often caused by junk food.

In fact, the Fruitful Office “Great Fruit Experiment” found that introducing fruit into the workplace resulted in an 11% increase in the amount of staff that agreed that their company “enabled them to work more productively.” On top of this, 79% of staff stated that fruit made them feel more valued as an employee.

Proving that you value your employees by taking care of them is one of the best ways to increase employee loyalty and their investment in your business.

A happier workplace environment

Fruit in the office does a whole lot more than improve your business image, it also actually improves your business by leading to happier, healthier and more productive employees.

According to a UK survey, 87% of staff would prefer to be employed by a company that supports their health and wellbeing. Fruitful Office found that over 80% of Fruitful Office clients stated that quality of life improved dramatically in the workplace as soon as they introduced fresh fruit – proving that fruit in the workplace boosts morale and engagement.

Amazingly, the Fruitful Office experiment also found that the introduction of fresh fruit led to 70% of staff eating more fruit than they normally would, with 45% of staff eating fewer unhealthy snacks as a result. That can help decrease the number of sick days your employees experience too!

As a proven method of engaging and motivating employees, a simple fresh fruit basket delivered to your door by Fruitful Office can make a surprisingly big difference to your business.

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