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How to Expand your Business Abroad


One of the most exciting times in a businesses’ development is when the time comes to expand overseas. Whether that’s to Europe or to markets across the Atlantic, expanding your business abroad can really make or break your business. Here’s a few tips to help ensure that your venture is a success when you make the big leap:


Size up the competition

When expanding overseas, a crucial thing to do first is to size up the competition. Check out exactly what other companies are doing and whether or not there’s a market for your product offering and if the competition looks tough consider what you can do to tailor your product to a niche market or change your strategy to ensure you’re getting the most out of your venture. Compare what you’re offering side by side and work out what you can change of adapt to get the very best out of your new venture.

Learn the Language

Although most countries speak English, learning the language of the country you’re taking your business over to is essential to cementing your success. Whether you learn in the months before expanding by taking foreign language classes or hire some new employees who are fluent, it’s vital that you have members of your team who’re able to handle any customer complaints or teething problems.

Adjust to the time zone

Although a lot of European businesses operate in similar working hours, business hours do vary across the globe. It’s important to be aware of this before expanding overseas and ensuring that you have the necessary cover at all appropriate times to handle any problems or complaints.

Ensure your deliveries arrive on time

Being able to guarantee your customers that their deliveries will arrive on time and in good condition around the world is pivotal to expanding your business successfully. Working with a courier service like TNT means that you can offer a huge range of different delivery options to your customers including next and same day delivery, which is super convenient when trying to establish yourself overseas.

Follow these tips to get started and you’ll start your new venture off on the right foot. Expanding your business abroad can be quite a daunting prospect but once you’ve put all the necessary measures in place to make the transition as smooth as possible you should be well on your way to global success.

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