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How You Can Properly Secure Your Business Establishment against Theft and Vandalism


Whether you have an office filled with valuable items in the form of data and information or whether you own or operate a warehouse or distribution centre in which valuable items are stored, you want to make sure that it is protected against theft or vandalism, and that everything is safe and secure. Since each establishment is unique, each requires different steps to be taken.

However, there are some steps that you can take to increase safety and reduce your risk, regardless of the business you are in. Are you worried your current safety net is not effective enough? Here’s how you can properly secure your business establishment against theft and vandalism.

Securing the perimeter

Your fencing, guarding of entrances and exits, your walls – they are the first obstacle any criminal will have to breach. It’s important to make it as hard as possible for them, so do a check and see if there are any weak spots. Check for holes in fences, low walls, fences that are easy to open, and so on. Fortify them if necessary. Often just a few adjustments will do the trick. Also, avoid trees and bushes where potential burglars or thieves could hide at night.

Lights and sounds

The darkness at night is a cloak for thieves and burglars. Having your area well-lit and ensuring there are few places where people can hide is an automatic deterrent. Sounds are also very powerful: motion sensor lights that trigger an alarm or a noise often scare potential thieves and burglars away very quickly.


This is another powerful deterrent; often the mere presence of cameras and the idea of having their movements recorded scare criminals away. CCTV is also very useful in detection after the fact when it comes to identifying criminals and understanding exactly what happened, as Oxford security services such as Securipol will tell you. CCTV footage is very powerful evidence during investigations.

Entrances and exits

Make sure your most obvious entrances and exits are secured by good locks that take time to break or circumnavigate. Every lock can be breached, but the more trouble the lock causes, the higher your safety and protection level is.

Hiring guards

The presence of security guards is still the best way of ensuring safety simply because there is a trained person present who understands the value of security.

Most criminals are neither very sophisticated nor very patient, and tackling the most obvious areas first goes a long way to heightening your security. A good security system has layers, like concentric circles, and when they work together, it can be practically impossible for someone to commit a crime without paying the price for it. Start your analysis now; security is everyone’s concern.










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