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How Your Surroundings Can Boost Your Business

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There are many key factors that go towards maintaining a successful business; recruiting the right personnel, hiring the best service providers, and making sure that customer service is always kept to a high standard are just a few. The one area that so many businesses seem to neglect is the maintenance and landscaping opportunities of their surrounding area. However, this can be just as responsible for damaging your reputation as anything else, so here are just a few ways that maintaining your company surroundings could lead to a boost in business.

1) Image is Important

Even if you’re an online-only business, potential customers will want to look you up and see where you’re based before deciding to contact you. If they did a quick online search for you and saw that you had shabby, neglected surroundings, it doesn’t matter that your facility is state-of-the-art on the inside and your staff are the best that money can buy. The instant thought is: “if this is how they treat their own business, how will they treat mine?”, and the same reaction can also be said of potential employees. Your credibility is called into question from your appearance, so landscaping can help to prevent you from falling at the first hurdle.

2) It Can Improve Staff Morale

It’s a well-known fact that working environments can have a huge impact on staff morale; it can help to alleviate stress and increase productivity. Landscaping your surrounding area to include a break area outside for your staff will help them to get away from their desk on their lunch and have the mental separation between work hours and break time. They can relax and go back to their desk feeling refreshed and ready to carry on. If you’re one of those businesses that’s on an industrial estate, you can still re-invent the use of your surrounding area to include somewhere for your staff to go. This shouldn’t be seen as a luxury anymore, but essential to every workplace.

3) It Can Help Protect Your Business

Landscaping isn’t all about fun though, it’s also a major security feature. Landscaping and construction companies like UK Landscapes also include specialist fencing as part of their offering. If you have a lot of expensive equipment, tools and materials on your site, this could be an incredibly valuable feature of any landscape work on your site. Plus, their regeneration service and hard/soft landscaping offering could help to convert any “spare” land you have onsite, allowing for expansion opportunities in future.

You really can’t afford to miss a trick when trying to boost your business, so get in touch now and find out how they can help you do just that.

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