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Impress clients with your office space


Companies spend hours on end creating literature, marketing messages and branding to promote their company values, but what many don’t realise is that the very floor they are walking upon is capable of doing precisely that.

When your clients and employees – current or prospective – enter your commercial space they subconsciously take in the design, cleanliness and appearance of the building, which can significantly impact their judgement on the firm. These subconscious thoughts are certainly not new to businesses – branding and marketing techniques have become synonymous with stimulating our subconsciousness – but many fail to relate them to the design and layout of the office.

The handbook of business administration by Maynard outlines the importance of the office as the locus of business policy. As well as being a place where policy is formed and from where it is executed, it serves as a centre for personnel function and acts an intermediary with customers and outside organisations. Thus, the layout and presentation is key.

Office design

The interior design is a mirror of your company’s vision. Staff and clients are generally impressed with companies which incorporate innovation in the office, which means utilising technology and minimising clutter. This approach will project forward-looking and progressive values, leaving the client optimistic about the firm’s future and more willing to do business.


It is important to consider the layout of the office and whether furniture and decorations are being used to project the right image. For instance, do the displayed artworks and the wallpaper on the wall epitomise a fresh and progressive approach? Are the desks organised well and is space a permanent feature of the office?

The layout of an office is malleable, and whatever item you are considering, keep in mind your company values and ways you can adapt office features to promote this ethos.


The attitude of your company towards the environment can have a big impact on your current and future relationship with clientele, and the office is the perfect place to highlight eco-friendly programmes you have in place. Businesses committed to sustainability and using reusable resources are held in high esteem among today’s professionals, who are more cognisant towards the human impact on the ecosystem. So look at highlighting activities you have in place and ensure the office is geared towards environmentally-friendly procedures.

Keeping it fresh

Maintaining a clean office appearance is crucial, not only making it more hospitable but also creating a positive reflection of your brand. Cleanliness has a far-reaching effect both internally and externally, and an unorganised office with dust and dirt evident and overflowing bins will not leave a good impression on the people with whom you are conducting business.

Thankfully, office management firms can take care of the day-to-day cleaning chores of the building, leaving all areas clean and presentable. This will leave a good impression in the minds of prospective clients, improving B2B relations and enhancing the chances of that crucial sale.


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