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Improving Your Office in 2016


It’s important to keep the workplace environment up-to-date and a positive space for employees and clients in equal measure. Having an office environment in-keeping with a company’s ideals is recognised as an important part of a brand’s identity provides clients with an insight into how a company works, its values and how about their business is conducted.

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You may consider relocating your office to suit emerging needs as your business grows, whether this is for more storage, parking spaces, to make room for an expanding workforce or business merger.

Transport Links

Moving closer to better transport links helps improves staff retention rates as it will be easier for employees to get to and from work – it’s a real no-brainer. Also, moving to a central and well connected location is advantageous in that it ensures you’ll have more choice of high quality applicants for vacancies. It’s been proven that long commutes make it more likely for staff to leave their jobs.

Update Your Office Space

  • Alternative breakout area seating such as hammocks, hanging chairs and bean bags have been increasingly used to substitute tables and chairs.

  • Innovative manipulation of standard office features like whiteboard walls really shake up tired and old-fashioned spaces, updating old furniture for more ergonomic models is important for the health of staff.

  • Hot-desking ensures increased stimulation in employees; even minor changes in environment can have a positive impact and encourage fresh ways of thinking.

  • Plants in the office are proven to provide benefits such as improved air quality by the plant’s natural absorption of CO2, and improved mood and staff morale.

Breakout areas

Having a pleasant area for staff lunch breaks is increasingly understood to be an important motivator and morale booster, resulting in a happier and more productive work environment. Legislation around mandatory breaks recognises the importance of having a mental and physical break. Some offices have even started putting games consoles in their breakout areas for staff to wind down during their breaks.

Considering colour

It may not immediately spring to mind, but colour is argued to play a major part in the atmosphere of any corporate environment. Have you noticed a lot of medical settings use calming green colour schemes? This choice is purposeful in that it green is believed to reduce stress levels and promote a calm outlook, according to colour theorists.

Making use of fresh and innovative interior design in an office refurbishment or relocation to a more up-to-date office is a great way to engage staff and cultivate a productive new atmosphere. Improving workplace environments can promote client confidence as it displays all-important commercial awareness from a business.

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