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Keep Your Customers Entertained With Games

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People are often in a hurry. You see it every day. They rush to work. They hurry home. They quickly gobble down their meals. While rushing through the day may add to productivity, it can lead to overly stressed patrons. Generally, people go out to eat to relax or to celebrate a special occasion. However, if they’ve become accustomed to hurrying everywhere, they may not stay long in your establishment. One of the best ways you can combat the ingrained idea of rushing to and fro is to offer your customers engaging entertainment. Many restaurants and bars are turning to games to keep their customers entertained.

Board Games

Board games are a classic way to unwind and spend some time in a friendly, competitive atmosphere. The best part is that they’re not expensive at all. If you have old board games lying around your house, you can repurpose them in your bar or restaurant. Games like checkers, dominoes, and Sorry are great options for restaurants. Creating a designated board game area with a spacious table and comfortable chairs will help guests notice the space. You can also have your servers suggest checking the area out when they stop by to check on customers.

Offer Trivia

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in games but still want to offer your patrons some entertainment, consider adding a trivia night or two to the agenda. This is one of the easier activities to plan. All your trivia night requires is a willing host and quality trivia questions. The questions you can more than likely find online, or you can pull them from old versions of Trivial Pursuit. Establishing a trivia night can help you acquire more regular customers and encourage people to stay longer. To raise the stakes, you can offer prizes, like free dessert or free drinks, to the winning team.

Video Games

While old, clunky arcade games are generally the norm in bars and restaurants, you don’t have to go the old school video game route. Arcade games are often expensive and more of a novelty than anything else, and you’re more likely to engage patrons if you have updated video game consoles. Interactive consoles like the Wii or fast-paced games like Dance Dance Revolution get your customers out of their seats. Many of your customers will likely own the more updated consoles, and they’ll be more inclined to play if they see something familiar.


Darts have long been a staple of pubs, and many customers expect to see them in bars. You can foster interest in this classic pastime by hosting a league or a championship round. Designating a specific night for darts can also engage your patrons. Again, you can increase interest by offering prizes to the winner. You can also create your own Hall of Fame for darts winners, taking their pictures and hanging them on a wall near the darts area.

Keep Your Options Open

Test the waters and see how your customers respond to different game offerings. You may find that while most of your patrons don’t care for darts, they can’t get enough of trivia night. Discover what your best selling point is and stick with it. With the introduction of games, your establishment is more likely to retain customers and keep them coming back.

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