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Majiuanna in the workplace


The new trend of legalized marijuana has made for some hazy understandings in the workplace. After all, if it is legal, then do businesses have any recourse when their employees engage in the activity? That depends on a few things. If the business is in a state where medicinal marijuana has been legalized but not recreational use, then any employee who tests positive for the drug must be able to produce a doctor’s prescription. Without proof that they are, in fact, using it medicinally, the company has the ability to terminate relations with the employee.

Federally funded companies, however, are a little different. Marijuana use is still considered a crime under federal laws, medicinal or otherwise, making hiring practices different from non-federally funded companies. Under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, these companies test for marijuana. If an employee tests positive, they are not protected under discrimination laws and can be terminated. With the variances in policies, it is best for companies to create a clear cut description of what is and is not allowed for their employees to eliminate future confusion. Make sure your employees are aware of what is protected by law and what type of marijuana use is accepted within your company as well as offenses that can result in termination. For more information on how the legalization of marijuana affects your business, take a look at the following infographic.



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