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Making A Living Off Gambling


For a large percentage of the public, gambling is something that is seen as a risky venture and is only really best enjoyed with fun in mind, not profits. Despite this, a small fraction of the population turns this idea on its head and attempt to earn a consistent income from gambling. To most people, this notion is absurd. All the research in the world can not inherently take away from the fact that gambling involves a certain amount of luck. Understandably, such an intangible and inconsistent idea is not enough for most people to take gambling seriously. And yet, some veterans of the game manage to consistently beat the bookies and experience a stable cash flow from gambling.

The amount of people who actually turn gambling into a full-time job seems to be growing. One only has to go on various social media like Instagram and Twitter to see profiles dedicating to providing betting tips to their followers. These ‘tipsters’ have grown in popularity in recent years, only increasing their following and popularity when they provide winning bets. The truth is that they also rely on ads – much like content creators – to make up a considerable portion of their profits, but the fact that they can afford to do it for a living illustrates that becoming a so called ‘tipster’ is a sustainable way of earning money. They use various betting sites not on gamstop to place their stakes on and for some people, sites that are not on gamstop may be more convenient to use.

It is obvious that not everyone can hope to make a living off gambling. Those who have an interest in making money and not an expertise in any particular game or sport would do well to stay away from the idea – much like the same way someone who has no idea about business should not open a restaurant. Another important factor is risk attitude. It is not practical to expect to not lose any money at the beginnings of a gambling career. By its very nature, the odds are never in favour of the gambler and the old adage “you win some, you lose some” holds very true here. Finally, the aspiring career gambler should consider the venture as an investment and should already have a significant amount of cash reserve that they are comfortable with losing to play with. The lower this balance is, the more likely that financial difficulties will ensue.

While making a career out of gambling may still seem like a fantasy to some, it is important to realise the countless examples of people who have already succeeded with it. Haralabos Voulgaris won over $3 million in poker and consistently bet millions on NBA games due to a flaw he spotted in how sportsbooks set halftime lines. Don Johnson, a blackjack legend, is famous for making various Atlantic City casinos a staggering total of $15 million poorer from 2010-2011. These are extreme examples but serve as the gold standard for which aspiring gambler can strive towards. While gambling is not suited for everyone, it is clearly a feasible way of gaining a steady income.

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