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Making Strides to Maximize Workplace Safety


Especially within industries involving trade, transportation, utilities and construction, workplace safety is of the utmost importance. Ensuring workplace safety means peace of mind to employees and employers alike, and can also drastically cut down on a company’s Workers Compensation costs. Work-related injuries and deaths used to be frightfully common. Thankfully, occupational safety has been a growing concern, especially among employers in particularly dangerous industries. Over the past four and a half decades, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made great progress towards the goal of limiting workplace safety hazards. One of OSHA’s largest goals is increasing awareness about workplace safety and the ways in which employers can help to protect employees from harm.


Employers can play an important role in maximizing the safety of their employees. The first crucial step towards minimizing dangerous conditions in the workplace is being able to identify key risks facing employees. Unsafe working conditions can come in a number of forms, including contact with heavy machinery, transportation accidents, exposure to dangerous chemicals and fires. The infographic below introduces helpful information and tips regarding workplace safety in order to assist employers in making the necessary improvements to protocol. By taking the proper steps to adhere to OSHA standards and by providing your employees with high quality personal protective equipment (PPE), you can ensure that your workspace is as safe as possible.




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