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Managing Cost With Asset Tracking

Asset tracking

Budgeting is important for nearly every company, and it is particularly important for companies that have a large fleet. Without proper management, drivers and cars can create a significant financial burden. Many companies are concerned about the safety costs involved with their vehicles and drivers on the road. They also want to invest in the right cars and lower their overall fuel costs. For this reason, it is a good idea to take advantage of a fleet tracking device. Today’s fleet tracking devices help many companies minimize the stress involved with asset tracking. They can also greatly reduce costs.

Fleet Safety

The following are a few things that contribute to fleet safety costs:

  • Increases in the number of preventable accidents
  • Driver downtime
  • Vehicle repairs

A fleet tracker can reduce the fleet safety costs because it encourages drivers to be safe while they are on the road. Companies can use the tracking software to monitor the speed of the drivers. They can also determine if they are braking too strong or accelerating too quickly. All of these behaviors can increase the likelihood of accidents on the road. If the behaviors improve as a result of the tracking, the chance of accidents decrease. This can be a great cost saving benefit for fleet businesses. The average accident is over $15,000 to repair. Also, when an accident occurs, the vehicle is unavailable for work. This has a negative effect on productivity. Thus, it is not surprising that safety is a priority for fleet managers.

Vehicle Acquisition

Most fleet companies want to invest in lighter weight cars that offer better fuel economy. The downside is that the upfront cost can be high. In order to make smart acquisitions, it is important to use tracking software to identify the vehicles in the fleet that are not performing. Then, you can get rid of these cars to make room for better performing vehicles.


One of the main challenges with fleets today is fuel costs. It can be difficult to budget for the specific amount of money that will be spent on fuel because the price of gas changes. Also, every driver is a little bit different. The way someone drives can significantly impact the price of fuel.

To avoid spending more than you should on fuel, it is important to use a GPS tracking system. A tracking system can help you understand how people drive and why your fuel costs are higher than they should be. From this information, you can make necessary changes to improve your overall fuel efficiency. For example, you might streamline your routes to eliminate downtime. Also, you can identify when and why idleness is occurring. Once you know the reasoning, you can try to make changes to minimize it. This can eliminate a lot of unnecessary fuel costs. Furthermore, the emphasis on safe driving can have an added bonus on your fuel economy. When drivers are better behind the wheel, fuel economy usually improves.

Asset tracking is one of the ways that today’s companies are capturing profit. It allows them to become more efficient and productive, and it is one of the best ways to manage a fleet available.

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