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One-click Payments: Convenience for the Consumer, Sales Increase for Merchant

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With the technology of one-click payments, customers are offered a convenient method to make purchases easily and quickly. This technique enables buyers to avoid a long and complicated authentication process every time they are ready to do shopping online. 

The one-click payment option is time-saving and effective when used in trusted and proven online stores. You can enjoy it if you have already entered your personal data, delivery address, and preferred payment method during the first purchase on the website. Such a fast process is also suitable for recurring payments, as all the necessary information comes from the online bank account of a registered regular user.     

The biggest advantage of this procedure is that payment for the next purchase is made by pressing one button only. There is no need to enter credit card data and your personal information time after time. Moreover, it helps clients to save valuable time and become more confident in their purchases. With the help of one-click payments, merchants can expect an increase in loyal and regular customers. 

There are some possible drawbacks next to the positive moments. Such a new method of immediate payments may seem ambiguous or risky to some customers, and that’s why an online store should prove its trustworthiness. Besides, no one can be absolutely sure that there is no fraud to appear. 

For this reason, the exactly® payment system is an ideal choice for the development of your business. It offers a unique trusted system, which can be integrated into different CMSs. One-click payment through exactly® works with more than 150 currencies, which allows you to tap into the international market. The system includes intuitive tools and clear pricing to manage the functions according to your specific needs and desires. It makes it possible to provide every customer with a secure way of recurring payments and facilitates the entire check-out process. 

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