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Online Businesses Deliveries are Changing How does your Small Business hold up?


The way businesses operate online is changing. Fashion retail giant ASOS have announced their plans to trial a same day delivery service in 2016 making them the first retailer to offer such a service in the UK. With a brand as big and innovative as ASOS leading the way, it won’t be long before other big retailers follow suit.

The trial scheme plans to allow customers to pick up their deliveries from local newsagents and convenience stores, working in a very similar way to the way their current Click + Collect service for returning parcels works, which sounds great.

It’s clear that the way online businesses do deliveries is changing. Last year, Amazon trialled a scheme in Munich in partnership with Audi where they organised for customers packages to be delivered to their car boots via a code during a specific delivery window. They also launched an app button that you can press when you’ve ran out of household items such as toilet roll and washing up liquid, which instantly orders more. With businesses focused on creating innovative new ways to make deliveries as convenient as possible for customers, it’s getting harder and harder to compete.  

So how can your small business keep up?

A small business isn’t going to have the man power and resources to offer something as convenient as the huge brands. But you can keep up by improving your delivery game by ensuring that you offer customers the next best thing.

By using an expert business delivery courier service like the one offered by TNT, you can organise both domestic and international shipping with a range of delivery options including next day. Using a professional courier service for multiple deliveries reflects better on your business as your customers are guaranteed to receive parcels on time and in great condition.

A delivery service that’s experienced in shipping internationally can open lots of doors for expanding your business further. When the time is right you can start shipping overseas and be confident that your customer abroad will be content with the timing and condition of their deliveries too helping you to grow your business overseas. 

It’s very clear that the big brands are going to constantly keep evolving their delivery methods using more modern technology so for small businesses making sure their deliveries are as efficient as possible with the resources they have access to, is the best way to keep up with emerging trends.  

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