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How Can Day Traders Profit from Marijuana Stocks

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When you begin your day as a day trader, you are starting your hunt for volatility. There is no better way to make money with quick trades each day than with stocks that make big moves. Volatility is a day trader’s best friend, so that makes marijuana stocks another BFF to the day trader. Marijuana […]

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The struggle of delivering humanitarian aid to war-torn countries

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Humanitarian aid can make the difference between life and death for vulnerable people around the world who are affected by anything from natural disasters to conflict and political unrest. However, getting help to those who need it most can be extremely difficult, and this is particularly the case in war-torn countries where ongoing violence threatens […]

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Andrew Salmon and the story of uSwitch


Andrew Salmon and the uSwitch management team changed the face of consumer buying in the UK. Salmon served as Chief Executive Officer of the internet technology firm from its inception in the early noughties, right through to its eventual sale for over £200 million in 2006. What the team did was extraordinary. The idea behind […]

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Competing Online with Remarketing Tools


Internet marketers and small businesses have a new venue for their products. With the use of a website they can advertise or sell products and services online. There is a different style of marketing online. This is a pervasive kind of marketing which follows the user wherever he goes. Large online internet stores use this, […]

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