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4 Ways Uniforms Can Boost Your Business Performance


How do your employees dress for work? Do they have a choice of casual wear, or do they all have different senses of style? To avoid competition and distraction when it comes to the work wardrobe, consider how a standard work uniform could boost your business’s performance. How Work Uniforms Boost Performance 1. Uniforms Create […]

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Some Reasons Why Your Business May Fail In The Future


As an aspiring entrepreneur there is one shocking statistic that you should be aware of: around 80% of all businesses are going to fail in the first eighteen months after opening. This is a statistic that is simply terrifying when you own a business. Businesses fail because of various different reasons. You can only avoid […]

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Do You have a Business that Deals with Customers Every Day? Here’s How to Improve Your Security


There are many different kinds of businesses, but if you have a business which deals with customers on a daily basis – if you have a business that allows customers direct access to employees, and your office is designed in such a way as to physically accommodate these customers – then you may need to […]

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Overhaul your marketing strategy in 3 steps


Are you worried that your promotional campaigns simply aren’t cutting through? The lack of an effective advertising plan can spell disaster for your sales levels, so this isn’t an issue you can afford to ignore. The good news is, it may be easier than you think to turn your fortunes around. Keep reading for three […]

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Green Energy Funding Gets Further Backing from a Tech Giant and Continues to Raise Questions for Investment Security and Technological Advancement


As far as Energy funding trends go, 2016 has been an interesting year. With natural gas prices lowering significantly, we would typically expect the renewable market to decline. This is not the case thus far for the current calendar year. Actually, with the help of a major contributor, the renewable energy’s technology sector has received a […]

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What Payment Methods Should Your Business Offer Customers?


Whether you own a small start-up business, a pop-up location independent stall, or an online store, the types of payment methods you offer say a lot about your enterprise. Although cash and cheques have become somewhat outdated, there are many technology based solutions from which to choose. Customer satisfaction is essential to all businesses, whether […]

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