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Vipul Amin – shepherding uSwitch to its fruition

4e39f676899efc82f1707cddbbf32d13 was sold for a sum in the region of £210 million to the US company EW Scripps in 2006. Vip Amin, was the Finance Director at the time, and a shareholder. The sale represented the end of his journey with, which had seen the company rise from the ashes of the dotcom boom to be considered a ‘consumer champion’ with the ability to […]

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5 Simple Improvements Any Office Can Make


Everyone who works in an office setting wants the same thing: a smooth-running business. This means cutting down on clutter, eliminating disorganization and miscommunication, and doing everything possible to make things flow together seamlessly and without any hitches. While this might seem difficult to achieve, there are actually a number of small changes that can […]

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Tactics for Growing Your Business Wealth with Foreign Exchange


The business landscape is constantly reinventing itself and thanks to the digital age, this atmosphere is now evolving faster than ever before. It therefore makes a great deal of sense that entrepreneurs are looking for novel methods to obtain sustainable wealth. This liquidity can then be “pumped” back into their current operations; resulting in further […]

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Lessen Your Risk of a Car Accident with Sunglasses


Whether you are heading to work, a business meeting and taking a drive on the weekend, you can drastically lessen your risk of a car accident by wearing sunglasses. We all ready know that wearing sunglasses on a sunny day can help us to see beyond the rays and glare but did you know that […]

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4 Ways Uniforms Can Boost Your Business Performance


How do your employees dress for work? Do they have a choice of casual wear, or do they all have different senses of style? To avoid competition and distraction when it comes to the work wardrobe, consider how a standard work uniform could boost your business’s performance. How Work Uniforms Boost Performance 1. Uniforms Create […]

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Some Reasons Why Your Business May Fail In The Future


As an aspiring entrepreneur there is one shocking statistic that you should be aware of: around 80% of all businesses are going to fail in the first eighteen months after opening. This is a statistic that is simply terrifying when you own a business. Businesses fail because of various different reasons. You can only avoid […]

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