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Say it Big and Bold with a Banner


Promotional banners have been used through the ages by both big and small companies to promote their goods and services. Tried and tested, they have stood the test of time and proven to deliver excellent response rates when well-designed and strategically placed.

However, creating the ultimate banner for your business is not as simple as it may seem. There are some fundamental elements which must be considered in order that your banner has maximum effect and delivers the results you are looking for.

Banner size

This might be governed by where the banner will be displayed. A banner which is too small displayed in a wide open area will seem lost. In contrast, an excessively large banner in a compact space might be overwhelming and unnecessary. It also needs to be big enough to carry the message you want to deliver. So it’s worth considering which size would be optimal both for the content and the location of the banner.

Banner colour scheme

In order to make your banner ‘pop’ in a crowded space, you need to use the right colours. This might be somewhat different to your usual corporate colour scheme, depending on the background against which the banner will be displayed. You also need to consider, for example, how easy it will be to read certain colours of text from a distance in certain degrees of light; for example on a sunny day, at dusk, or even at night.

Banner graphics

Whether it’s an image, or other type of graphic, it should be of the highest quality suitable for the purpose, positioning and message of the banner. Again, consideration should be given as to where the banner will be viewed, from what distance, and under what lighting conditions, before selecting the optimal resolution for images. And don’t forget that an image is not always essential. Yes, it can help, if it’s relevant and clearly supports you message – but sometimes a text only banner is even easier to transmit a message in just a glance.

Take the time to consider these crucial elements of banner design and get them right and your banner will produce tremendous results for your business, big or small. Get them wrong and your banner might have little impact at all. Experts in banner design and printing such as have a wealth of knowledge regarding types and styles of banner and what works best in a variety of locations.

Don’t be afraid to seek out expert advice from those in the know – even though a banner may seem relatively simple, a truly effective banner which will deliver real results and an excellent return on your investment requires a certain level of insight and experience to create.


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