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Simple Energy Saving Solutions to Help You Gain a Competitive Edge  

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Utility costs are unavoidable expenses and energy costs often account for up to 20% of a company’s expenditure. But by changing your approach to how you manage your energy use, you can turn this threat into an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. There are many energy saving solutions that will enable you to save 10% – 30% on your electric bills.


1. Understand Your Energy Usage

Smart Meters will give you real-time readings of your company’s energy usage so you can pinpoint opportunities to be more efficient. These devices also cut down the amount of time you spend trying to check if your electric bills are accurate and find out which areas energy is often wasted so you can set targets to reduce energy consumption in your organization.

2. Work With Your Energy Supplier

An energy supplier plays a crucial role in your aim to lower your energy expenditure. You should look at your energy supplier as a partner and work with them to control costs and make your use of energy as efficient as possible. You can request for an energy audit and seek their guidance to find out where you are wasting energy.

3. See the Long-Term Benefits

Many businesses are put-off by the high costs of energy efficient measures in their establishments. But you need to see the long-term implications. Improving your building energy management will pay off immensely and you’ll gain many advantages in the long run.

4. Boost Your Reputation

Adopting measures to become more energy efficient and green can make a huge difference in your bottom-line. Customers, clients, business partners and even your own employees expect you to become environmentally responsible and by implementing energy efficient methods, it can really go a long way in enhancing your reputation within your industry. In a way, you are attracting customers who appreciate businesses who care about the environment.

How to Be More Energy Efficient

Simple steps can make a lot of difference and according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, small and medium sized companies can lower their energy bill by around 25% a year when they install energy efficient measures and recoup their investment in 18 months.

  1. You can start by turning off all your company equipment when you leave the office. All your employees should do the same.
  2. Encourage your staff to unplug chargers (for mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets) when not in use. Most of the time, people just leave them attached to a device even if the battery is fully charged.
  3. Turn down your heating by 1-2C, as doing so can lower your heating bills by at least 10%.
  4. Make sure your HVAC systems are properly maintained and tuned up so they can work efficiently. If you have old equipment that do not have an Energy Star rating, you might want to consider replacing them with current models.
  5. Turn off the lights in unoccupied areas. If possible, install sensors that will automatically switch off the lights when not in use.

Consider these energy saving solutions so you can save money, boost your reputation and gain a competitive advantage.

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