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The Components of a Good Drop Safe

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A drop safe is a precisely designed rugged workhorse for handling high-volume commercial applications where speed, safety and accessibility are critical. This type of safe is known by various different names, although they are all essentially the same variety of safe. Employees deposit items of value into a locked storage compartment through the use of a reverse hopper, a top-loading rotary hopper or a front-loading door similar to a mailbox. Rotating hoppers require placing the deposit into the top slot. Then turning the rotary drops the money down safely into the locked compartment.


Factors to Consider for a Depository Safe


When considering a depository safe for your business, the first decision you need to make is where you are planning to locate it. Is it for your home, or business? There are various sizes that are available for an office and smaller under-the-counter models for locations near cash registers. Floor options have slots in the door for easily making deposits. You should also consider which kind of lock you want on the opening of depository, because this varies depending on the manufacturer. For instance, some come with a combination lock while others feature an electronic pushbutton locking device. Others have key locks that require one or two keys to open. Additionally, some safes have separate storage areas with unique combinations needed for entry. You might require a drop box that has enough room to accommodate entire cash drawers.
Depository safes are also available with electronic audit locks that can document and control access to the contents with a history report detailing all transactions. This type of accounting is designed to prevent internal theft. Regardless of the type you select, first determine the following information to help you narrow down choices:


  1. The contents you will keep in the safe


  1. Where you plan to install it


  1. How long you expect it to provide safety


  1. The level of safety you hope to achieve


  1. The main purpose of your safe


Choosing the Best Option for Your Business

On most safes, after you deposit the money, it drops into a secure locked storage area. The hopper is fish-resistant, sometimes made inaccessible by a saw-toothed block, so that someone cannot remove or extract the money once you drop it into the drop box. Once employees deposit the cash, the receipts wait safely and securely for the owner or manager to retrieve them at the end of the business day.


Some factors to help determine which safe to choose include:


  • Durability, including fireproofing, crowbars and too heavy to carry


  • Size, depending on what will go into the safe and where you will locate it


  • Convenience, such as backup keys and functionalities


  • Level of Immunity, including hinges and bolts that can compromise security


  • Customization tends to be more expensive, but a worthwhile investment to protect your business completely


These hard-working cash depository safes bring security, safety and protection to an entirely new level. A sturdy, dependable safe is essential for companies utilizing cash registers that are within reach of customers. Directly depositing cash or large bills into the hopper dramatically reduces the amount of money available during a robbery. Additionally, they reduce temptation and pilferage by employees.



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