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The festive struggle for businesses


Christmas is fast approaching and is going to be the busiest time of the year for many businesses, so this makes it all the more important everything is in place for this to go smoothly. Whether it be the staff and equipment, the right marketing and products or even the packaging for items and deliveries. All these factors need to be in place ahead of the festive period.

Businesses can have the products ready in demand and orders in place before the dreaded issues with packaging to distribute their products. Returnable packaging is now becoming the choice for businesses to help deal with the vast festive demand and also remaining eco-friendly. Another win, win for all involved. Around the festive season waste production increases by approximately 30%, so businesses and consumers both need to look at ways to reduce this with the problem becoming ever more apparent in the current climate.

These returnable packaging products could be plastic totes, crates, pallets or even roll cages. This way is instantly removing waste from the supply chain, which would normally be generated from the usual cardboard or polystyrene packaging for example. This includes a process of plastic crates being washed before it is then returned back to businesses.


(Pictured: Returnable packaging in works)



Recruiting extra staff for Christmas can always be a struggle as they need to be trained for the festive peak. Many businesses involved in labouring are moving more to machinery packaging to not only speed up the packaging process but to reduce the need for the additional staff numbers. This is always an issue as it is the time of year in which people want time off to spend the festive season with family and friends. This is a win, win for businesses. This is backed up in the fact latest figures show that up to 43% of labour providers have admitted to struggling to find seasonal staff for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Businesses need to act now with less than two months to go until the big day as people will really start to prepare for the festive season.

Packaging as many in the industry will be aware continues to grow, as does the technology. Machines can now do the jobs of several people in building flat packed boxes for example, or pallet wrappers which in the long term is going to save businesses a lot on labour costs. An example of this is in the new system called Neopost’s CVP-500. Is this the festive solution for businesses? It does all the box packaging flawlessly reducing the waste on materials and those staff hours.







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