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The Growth of Serviced Offices in London


Any successful business based in London knows that the best way to get ahead these days is by renting serviced offices. With the price of buying city centre office spaces going up and up year on year, renting serviced offices is a great way to find an amazing office space in a superb location for a good price.

So why are they so popular and could your business benefit from using them?


Serviced offices are great for businesses who want flexibility. With so many different stunning offices in locations across the city, renting an office space on a temporary basis means you have the freedom to move your business around as and when you please. With rent prices getting extremely high in the capital it makes sense for businesses to rent somewhere in a popular area for a few months rather than pay for building which may have a 5 year contract on it. As London is so trendy, it helps for your business  to be flexible so you can move around the new and upcoming areas.


Renting serviced offices gives you the chance to occupy offices in a prestigious location that you couldn’t necessarily afford to buy. Areas like Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge have some amazing serviced office blocks which can be rented on a month by month basis which depict an air of professionalism that offices in a less luxurious location might not necessarily have. A lot of businesses have took to using serviced offices for recruitment days and important business meetings as they can give clients and potential employees a whole new outlook on your business.

World class facilities

With serviced offices, it’s not just the space you’re paying for, you also get amazing facilities. From top speed broadband connections to fully functioning phone lines and video conference technology. Serviced offices are so popular because they come complete with all the mod cons and some even have food and beverage assistants. Whatever level of service you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the perfect serviced office building for you.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury space to impress a potential client or wanting to sell up and haven’t found a permanent space you’d like to occupy, serviced offices are a great solution to many businesses’ housing issues. With the quality of serviced offices that are available right now it’s clear to see why the amount of people who’re choosing to rent a serviced office has grown phenomenally. 

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