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The Top Five Reasons why it is Better to Mount Your TV on the Wall


There was a time when hanging a TV on the wall was considered a crazy idea – something only bars and restaurants could do, by placing their big box TV on a big wall-mounted stand or cage. The flat screen TV has made all these considerations but a memory, and it’s now quite common to walk into a room and see a beautiful TV grace the wall and entertain its viewers. There are good reasons why opting for a wall-mounted TV is a great idea. Some of them are obvious, but there are also somereasons you may not have considered yet. Here are the top five reasons why it is better to mount your TV on the wall.

Look sleek

Yes, the TV becomes part of your wall and is more like an interactive painting rather than the old-fashioned TV people were used to. Some individuals take it even a step further and equip their TV with a slide show for visitors to see.

Save space

Placing the TV on a piece of furniture may make the TV look great, but it is – frankly speaking – a little outdated. Besides, flat screen TVs are not very stable on the traditional kind of surfaces. What’s more, furniture to place your TV on takes up space which could otherwise be used.

Optimum viewing angle

It’s a lot easier to place the TV on the wall in such a way that it gives an optimum viewing angle, than it is to do the same with a piece of furniture. An optimum viewing angle ensures that viewers, when watching the TV, are not burdened with neck or eye strain, and that all colours and contrasts are clear and sharp. Putting the TV at the right spot is easy when installing it on the wall, but more difficult to achieve when a table or cabinet of the right height needs to be found.

Easy installation

A modern TV is installed on the wall by two people in less than an hour – it’s that simple. This includes preparing the wall and fixing the wiring. Often the TV manufacturer provides the kit.

Because that’s what they were meant to do!

That’s right. The LCD and plasma displays were designed with mounting on the wall in mind. You notice this because the back of the TV will have holes that make it compatible with any kind of wall mounting solution. They designed the TV for the wall.

Are there other reasons why the TV is better mounted on the wall – yes, we’re sure, but there’s no more need to delve more into it. A TV wall mount is way of the future, after all.

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