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Things to Consider When Moving to Your New Office


Moving into a new office is an exciting time for any business. After all, it gives you the perfect chance to turn over a new leaf. In addition, it also provides you with the chance to end any of the problems you may have with your current office, starting again from scratch. So, with this in mind, what should you consider when you’re moving into your new office? Here, we take a look.

Reliable Communications

Reliable communications are essential for any business. From not having enough phone lines to having an unreliable internet connection or poor mobile signal, having unreliable communications can cost you money.

As such, when you’re looking at contracts for your new premises, keep communications high on your list of priorities. In this modern, technological world, reliable communications are easier to achieve than ever before. Look at options such as VoIP from Gradwell. Systems like this are cheap, effective and, most importantly, highly reliable.

Break Out Areas

If you’re a business that relies on creativity, break out areas are nigh on essential. These provide a creative outlet for your employees and a place for their creativity to thrive.

As such, you should ensure that they’re in your new office plans. It doesn’t require anything special or a high cost. You really only need whiteboards, flexible space options and the time to allow them to truly thrive.

Catering Facilities

If your staff work long or unsociable hours, then it’s well worth considering catering options on site. Something as simple as a kitchen with a couple of microwaves, a toaster and an oven is sufficient if you’d like them to be self-catering.

If you don’t have space for a large kitchen, then it’s worth considering the location of the premises carefully. If it’s near supermarkets, shops and restaurants then your staff will have plenty of options – nobody wants just a plain sandwich every day because there aren’t facilities for anything else. All of this links to our next point…

Staff Satisfaction

Finally, and leading on from above, the satisfaction of your staff is essential if you’re looking to keep them when you move office. To ensure maximum satisfaction, consult them openly on the whole process, asking them questions such as:

  • Where would you like the new office to be located?
  • What features do you think it needs to help you further with your job?
  • What do we have here that we definitely need in the new office?
  • What is there about the current office you dislike and how can we improve upon it?

By openly consulting them, you’re likely to get great ideas you hadn’t even thought of. Good luck with the move.

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