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Three Businesses That Are Growing in Britain


With the economic climate looking a little uncertain, and the confusion of Brexit gathering on the horizon like a storm, it’s about time to look at where business in the UK is doing well. No one knows how leaving the European Union is going to affect our economy: there are strong opinions on both sides of the debate, though most economists believe we have some difficult times ahead.

Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that are currently defying forecasts to succeed hugely in the UK, to inspire your own entrepreneurial endeavours.


You only have to look at the outskirts of any town in the UK to see storage companies are enjoying a growth spurt. Multiple storage specialists tussle for customers wherever they can find the space.  With lots of renters needing to move regularly and home owners downsizing to cut costs, they enjoy a regular stream of revenue.

The most successful ones don’t just content themselves with setting up shop and waiting for customers to arrive. Finding a unique selling point to focus demand helps you to reach the real heights of success. Some of them find property nearer the centre of town, offering less space with more convenience for people who need to reach them more regularly. Others offer pick up and delivery services, or facilities to help people run their businesses like meeting rooms.

Money Transfer

Another sector that’s enjoying a period of success and innovation are money transfer services. Whether they let you send mobile credits to different countries, transfer money internationally quickly and cheaply, or even transfer small amounts between friends, investors and developers are racing to perfect the ideal service for consumers.

Transferwise was recently listed as the fastest growing startup in London, and has achieved this success with it’s peer to peer money transfer platform. The strength in these is that there are so many different reasons people reach for secure ways to transfer money, from immigrants sending money home to their families to friends sharing the bill for dinner!

Takeaway Apps

The rise of apps like Deliveroo and Hungry House is a classic case of the market solving a problem people didn’t even realise they had. A kitchen drawer full of stained takeaway menus used to be de rigeur for every household.

A number of fortunes have been made by simplifying this process for customers and allowing them to find takeaway restaurant, order and pay within the same app without having to deal with a phone call or ensure they have cash available!

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