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Top Office Interior Design Tips 2016


If you’re looking to give your office a whole new look, it’s worth taking inspiration from the latest 2016 interior design trends. Many of the design ideas found below will also be relevant in 2017 and beyond. The focus is on modern style, as well as practicality. So what design elements should you be incorporating into your office space this year?

Keep it minimalistic

One of the biggest office design trends around at the moment is minimalistic. This is actually a popular trend in home interiors too. It’s a very clean, organised look which is especially useful for smaller spaces as it eliminates clutter and makes the room look a lot bigger. There are some great pictures online of minimalist office ideas so it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Utilise glass

By far one of the most modern design elements used in offices today is glass. Like the minimalistic idea, this one helps to really create a more spacious look. Glass also reflects natural lighting, helping to brighten up the office, encouraging better productivity.

You can opt for glass doors, or even glass partitions and balustrades. Just be sure if you do opt for a glass design, to choose a respected company such as Barrier Components Limited.

Don’t forget to incorporate existing design elements

While you may want to give your office a complete overhaul, it’s important to look at your existing office space and utilise what’s already there. This can also save you a lot of money, which let’s face it, all businesses want to do. If you absolutely insist on getting rid of all existing furniture, focus instead on maintaining the design in correspondence with the age and style of the building. If your office building is fairly old for example, it may be better to stick to a more antique chic design.

Get your employees involved

A lot of modern businesses are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to get involved in the décor. Personal belongings such as photos, plants and even pets can really help to brighten up the office space and more importantly, boost morale. The happier your employees are, the better the work they’re going to produce for you.

Overall when it comes to modern office interior design 2016, it’s all about creating a brighter, more appealing space for your workers. The tips above can help, but it’s also worth asking your employees what they feel will make the space more appealing.

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