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Understanding Social Media Marketing


The evolution and development of social media has changed the way that companies interact with their audiences – Instagram has provided an opportunity for companies to connect with audiences on a very visual level, Twitter allows humour and personality to shine through, and as always Facebook has the raw exposure that comes with the size of the platform. But as the platforms have grown so big, and distinguished their own user base, how can you effectively utilise social media, and what examples can we take from them?


As previously mentioned, each of the platforms have their own audience – there may be some overlap but typically we find the way you can advertise to the audience be very different – choosing the right platform the content you’re sending out is important to ensure you’re reaching the right people. 

Instagram – This platform is very visual – as photography is the main source of where the website content comes from, with comments on being a secondary use. For businesses that focus on fashion or DIY styled content, you’ll find the most use – however you aren’t only restricted to those uses – many have found more success on the platform as they’ve began to show some inner workings of the company through imagery and video, allowing the consumer to feel more connected, and more a part of the business than before.

Twitter – This platform is great for showing more of a personality than the others allow – whilst you can upload imagery and video, the real benefit comes from the blog-like style of posting. Some that provide a perfect example are betting and gambling websites that operate on the platform – they’ve managed to grow a big following with meme and popular culture to reach further than competitors. Especially as the market is about trying to as many as possible, some of them don’t subscribe to Gamstop so they’re able to extend their audience beyond just the region they operate in. 

Facebook – By far the biggest and most used of the platforms, it’s just unrivalled on how many active users it has – but it is also packed with tools that help businesses advertise and navigate their content to customers. Learning how to work with these tools properly provides a huge benefit as you’re able to incorporate the best of the other platforms too. 

Customer service is on the rise, with experts predicting that within a few years, price will largely be insignificant, with customer service being the big driving force – and social media is at the heart of that. We’re more connected than ever, our phones are always by our sides and for many our favourite social media platforms are always open – understand these audiences and reaching out to them in the correct way is what will set you apart from your competitors – keeping up to date with the current social media trends and investing in to learning the newer social media innovations will only become more important, if you haven’t invested in to expanding your social media presence then now may be the perfect time to capitalise on that.

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