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Washroom hygiene decides the reputation of a business – Are your hand dryers ADA compliant?


Taking care of workplace wellbeing is extremely essential in the 21st century, especially for those businesses which are keen on preventing absenteeism among staff and disruption of productivity. Vast majority of the entire working population spend a considerable amount of time at work and hence employers need to make the experience a pleasurable and comfortable one. Employees are even less likely to take their time off from duty due to sickness, thanks to the advanced restroom fixtures which promote hygiene and cleanliness, thereby reducing risk of spread of infection.

We all know that contaminants which are present on human skin may easily get transferred to soap dispensers, faucets, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers for commercial use and trash cans with a single touch. This is why the appearance of a public restroom is a vital indicator of its cleanliness and also something which the visitors will notice, either negatively or positively. Creating an ideal hygienic restroom requires enough experience in physical design and the installment of the perfect bathroom fixtures.

Automatic hand dryers – Maintaining them in public restrooms

When it comes to automatic hand dryers, they aren’t cheap enough that you will allow yourself to sit and replace them whenever you need. As you require investing a bit while installing automatic hand dryers, you also need to do a few things to give your dryers long life for good use. Check out a few tips to make your hand dryer last longer.

  • You need to clean the trigger. In automated hand dryers, whether paper or air, there is a beam which usually senses the motion of the user and triggers the hand dryer to start working. Debris can accumulate on this beam making it tough for the machine to sense the motion of the user. So, you need to wipe this regularly to avoid such a problem.
  • Clean the flow of the dryer. If the dryer uses air to dry, you should daily clear the passage to the best flow of air. Keep cleaning this to avoid build up of dust or other obstacles.
  • Use electric current which is well grounded. While installing automatic hand dryers, you need to use electric current which is grounded in the event of a storm or sudden surge in power. An electrical surge can kill a hand dryer very soon and so it is best to get help of an electrician for best installation tips.

Are your automatic hand dryers ADA compliant?

It has been noticed that there is a growing interest among the Americans to install dryers which are ADA compliant. Until recently, there was no technology available to produce wall-mounted, high speed, ADA compliant hand dryers and hence managers didn’t prefer recessing units in the wall due to installation, cost, maintenance and time. But these days, the performance dryers don’t protrude more than 4 inches within the wall.

The American Disabilities Act requires hand dryers to avoid projecting more than 4 inches from the wall and this specific requirement has the intention of assisting the visually challenged people who may accidentally walk into a dryer. Therefore, buyers should be careful while installing such bathroom fixtures.

The present day hand dryers are much faster than the previous generations and they are energy-efficient too. If you want to foster business growth and provide a pleasurable experience to your visitors, do keep a watch on the way your public restrooms work.

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