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Why Leasing a Vehicle Might Be the Best Choice for Your Business


When it comes to choosing a car for business, it’s important to make the right choice. Reliability, practicality, and economy should all be at the forefront of your mind when assessing your options, but so too should the prestige that a certain make or model will bring to your brand.

It’s not only the car you settle on that should be selected with care. You must also consider the various ways in which you can obtain a vehicle for your use; either through buying or through leasing. The latter is becoming particularly popular amongst the commercial fraternity, and there are lots of good reasons for this.

To help inform your decision-making, we’ve created this brief guide detailing a few important points for you to bear in mind…

#1: Prestige

Although it would be lovely to live in a world where we weren’t judged by appearances, the reality is that the way in which you present yourself influences people’s perceptions of your business, and this extends to your motor as well as your own way of dressing and speaking. The more prestigious your vehicle is, the better it will reflect on your brand, and this is one area where leasing comes into its own. For many, it provides access to makes and models that they would never have the funds to buy outright, making it a great choice for those who wish to dazzle.

#2: Cost

Leasing also has many cost-based advantages. For a lot of people, it is better to pay for a vehicle over a period of many months, as opposed to making one large payment upfront. This tends to leave more in the business coffers for other enterprises, which is always worth bearing in mind.

In addition, leasing helps to cut the costs of car ownership in two important ways. Firstly, most vehicles are new, and thus have less problems associated with ordinary wear and tear than your average second-hand motor. Secondly, many of the maintenance costs associated with vehicle ownership will be included in a leasing package, reducing the amount that it costs to keep your car on the road.

#3: Ease

An additional point to consider is the ease of leasing. As we mentioned above, any problems with your car will usually be taken care of by the company you obtained it from, which means that you won’t have to worry about arranging to get it fixed if things go wrong.

In a similar vein, you won’t have to bother yourself with selling your car when you want to upgrade, as you can simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the term and arrange a fresh contract and a new motor in its stead.

If you’re looking for your next commercial car, could a company like John Clark Leasing offer the solution you’ve been searching for?

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