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Why Your Business Should Be Recycling Its Waste

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The modern business owner simply cannot afford to ignore recycling.

But lounging in your ivory tower, overlooking your minions and counting profits as you puff on a Cuban cigar, separating your firm’s waste to be converted into new products is the last thing on your mind.

However, you’re likely missing a trick.

Indeed, your firm can gain a surprising number of benefits from recovering and recycling waste, although it should be working hard to actively reduce the amount of waste it produces in the first instance.

Whether you own a warehouse in Wigan or an office in Oldham, it’s a guarantee your business is not recycling as much as it should be. In fact, only 7.5 per cent of office waste (including paper) is recycled, but a whopping 70 per cent could follow the same route.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why your business should up its recycling game …

Avoid Hefty Fines

As you’re likely well aware, you business is under increasing pressure to make sure its waste is dealt with in the appropriate manner – which is why abiding by waste regulation is much easier when you team up with a dedicated provider.

Whether you’re getting rid of healthcare waste or pharmaceutical waste, it’s vital you adopt better waste practices to avoid being hit with a fine for neglecting to mitigate risks to the environment or potential dangers to employees or customers.

Save Cash

Any business owner in his or her right mind would jump at the chance to save cash – so by utilising better waste management practices and upping your recycling, you can reduce waste handling costs, spend less on materials and reduce the amount of landfill tax you fork out.

Not only that, but if customers were to get wind of a business not doing its bit for the environment, they’re likely to desert this irresponsible company like rats on a sinking ship, eating away at its bottom line faster than a pack of ravenous piranhas.

Help the Environment

As a conscientious business owner, it’s obvious you want to help the environment. Consequently, by recycling just TWO glass bottles, you can help save enough energy to boil water for five steaming hot cups of tea.

But that’s not all. By reducing your waste, you can cut the volume heading to landfills around the country, reducing methane releases and subsequently cutting greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

As you can see, there are very few reasons why your business shouldn’t be recycling.

What’s your view? Is your business a well-oiled recycling machine? Perhaps you’ve never considered it before. Whatever your stance, please let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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