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3 Tech Solutions SMBs Need to Consider to Boost Productivity


Information technology has had a big impact on all aspects of human life, especially on the business landscape. Since the dawn of the global internet age and the emergence of computer science, business has transformed tremendously. Technological solutions have affected various industries and the global economy.

At the same time, this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping, as many companies of all sizes are going through constant changes. The reason for this is that modern software tools and gadgets allow companies to get various benefits from adopting new technologies and stay competitive in their respected markets. Technology is only going forward and making things better.

For example, in the past, only large enterprises could afford and benefit from cutting-edge tech but today there is a wide array of solutions available for small and medium-sized businesses as well, allowing them to be more productive.

1.    Cloud-based software solutions


In the beginning, only large enterprises were able to attract customers from around the globe and have multiple offices on different continents, but today even small businesses can offer their services or products basically anywhere in the world. This includes owners and employees alike traveling abroad to make deals.

It is essential for companies to be flexible and quick on their feet. This is where cloud-based software solutions come into play. Instead of only using software solutions in-house and being tied to one place, you can simply get cloud-based software that employees can use over the web.

You don’t have to install anything or store information on computers. This allows you to act quickly in case of emergencies, find their data whenever necessary and allow employees to work from wherever they might be. There are no delays or waiting for someone to return from their business trip.

2.    Automation solutions

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A lot of people think that automation only applies to manufacturing industries, where product lines are automated and machines do most of the work. Although this is true to an extent, automation is no longer only available to big manufacturing companies – even small and medium-sized business use various automation solutions.

Although automation was first applied in machines and production lines, today there are various software solutions that have automation capabilities. It allows you to tackle technical tasks with ease and without any errors. Employees can schedule programs to perform various actions at certain times or when certain conditions are met and they are free to focus on other tasks.

Not only can these programs handle technical tasks more effectively than humans, but employees can also do more essential tasks that can help a company get ahead, be more productive and come up with new incentives. A clear example of automation are chatbots, which are widely adopted to handle common customer inquiries.

3.    Project management tools for collaboration

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In the past, there was a dogma that only large enterprises need project management, but this is not true. As soon as a business reaches a total of 10 employees it needs to manage all of its projects and workforce properly to be as productive as possible. This has allowed a lot of smaller companies to be more productive than those with a larger workforce.

Today there are various different project management tools available. A lot of them a very affordable and even smaller organization with limited budgets can get them. In fact, there are even completely free solutions that can be used. SMB organizations can get these tools and manage employees, collaborate through them, create project plans, check productivity, and analyze overall performance.

When you streamline all the projects and the tasks related to them through a single platform, it is easier to recognize mistakes, follow deadlines, allocate resources and simply become more productive at tackling projects. The important thing is to manage projects properly and everyone will know what their job is.


A business that ignores technology and doesn’t get on with the times will suffer severe loss and risk going under. Don’t be one of those companies and embrace technology to increase productivity and stay competitive in your market.




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