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3 Things a New Client Will Notice About Your Business


Everybody knows that first impressions are vital to draw in new business and help you ultimately seal the deal. But what will a client notice that you could improve? We’ll admit there are more to the three key first-impressions that meets the eye.

1 – Your Brand Identity

Before a potential client has even set foot in your meeting rooms they will have done their homework on your online presence. Get your site up to scratch; include social media and all your onsite content. Maintain an active presence on all your used platforms; make sure everything you put out publicly is subject to rigorous standards and best practices. Don’t forget the following:

  • Use existing client testimony to advertise your products and services

  • Ensure your site is optimised for mobile devices

  • Make sure landing page copy is concise, clear and enticing

2 – Your Business Premises

For a client-facing business, commercial premises can act as a showcase for your operations and make or break that first impression. Think about signs of wear and tear and look at your premises with fresh eyes; your office represents your business as a whole, so make it look the part. Make sure any grounds are in shape and your signage isn’t obscured. You might want to look into tree surgeons or landscapers such as UK Landscapes to keep your outdoor areas looking their best.

3 – Your Meeting and Greeting Technique

Your attire and your body language say more than words. When trying to impress a new client you must think beyond the obvious. Analyse your business attire, make sure your verbal communication is a combination of friendly, trustworthy, well-paced, and above all, professional. Give clients the benefit of your full attention, listen well and respond to their verbal and behavioral cues.

Finally, try to see it from the client’s perspective; think about your own first impressions of other businesses or formal situations where you were the one to be impressed. Think about what impresses you in the business setting, and what does not. this to your own strategy. Go above and beyond the expectations of the client initially and you’ll be in with a chance of winning new business.

What you’re trying to do is instill trust by being proactive with your image and displaying your best qualities to communicate to the client that your company is truly the best choice for them.


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