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Business Coach Teaches The Importance Of Having Clear Direction & Goals


The world is becoming increasingly more competitive and this is especially true in the case of business. Entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to take off and achieve what they set out to.


But what separates the few who do succeed from the many that do not? Business coach Gareth Johnson has been teaching small enterprises about the importance of goals and direction. This is often where people lack the realisation and end up drifting through the industry with no real path.


To drive a business forward, grow and develop with the consumer market, you need a clear understanding of where you want to end up and how you are going to get there. It is more important than ever to remain relevant in a time where trends and preferences come and go. This means taking hold of what you want to be known for, what you want to provide for consumers and doing all you can to follow that path.


Analyse Competitors


No successful business was built overnight. In fact, the ones that spring to mind probably spent years mastering their understanding of their niche and setting realistic goals for themselves to make the process manageable.


Your targets will eventually reflect where you see your company sitting within your industry. If you’re planning on being one of the most influential voices – your goals are going to progress slowly to that point as you grow.


Having an endpoint in mind is positive for future planning, but if you can’t break that down into manageable steps, you will find yourself veering every which way as you rely on guesswork to make it happen. Gareth talks about SMART targets, and while these can help you along the way, taking control of day to day tasks, marketing, communication and all the other cogs that make your business is what’s really going to push you towards that end goal.


Find out who you are competing with and what those success stories all have in common. Once you’ve figured that out, use it to your advantage and start steering yourself towards those results. Set clear campaign goals and push to make them even better than your competitors.




Gareth also works with his clients to build stability within a company and make processes sustainable in the long run. The work of your employees is going to be guided by the direction you want to take. Without it, you could be wasting money, time and assets on strategies that do not match your goals and hiring staff that do not share your values.


Similarly, taking proper direction will help guide you down the customer journey pathway and figure out what solutions you should be offering. Clients buy answers – not functionality. So if you are unaware of what questions they’re asking, you won’t know how to proceed. Using this as a way to set goals and drive sales will give you proper stability with the ability to adapt to the market.


Facilitate Change


Adapting and implementing new processes is something that would be impossible without direction. Gareth and many other business coaches have seen a large portion of entrepreneurs fail because they were not equipped to react in turn to the changing market.


Direction involves proper communication and consistency throughout a company. Internal or external conflicts can be managed far easier with open communication. It allows for quick recognition which, in turn, can provide easy access to a solution before breaking point.


In order to facilitate action and coordination, you need to take these messages from Gareth on board. It is the reason people are finding it harder to cope. But a few simple goals and taking the time to plan can get you further than you realise.


For more information on this or for expert business advice, get in touch with Gareth Johnson from Chrysalis Growth.

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