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Buying a House After University. Don’t Panic!

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It’s always hard when you’re young and in your mid-twenties,  trying to get the best deal for the best price, especially when it comes to your first new home!  You’ve just come out of University…the student debts are laying in the shadows of your bank and you just want to know that your money is save, just as much as you’ll be in your first proper home.

Always remember as a customer your money and rights always come first, no matter who you are or where you come from. Before you start making offers and buying houses, take a moment to read these few tips and words of advice before you start making any rash decisions! And remember that the best way to ensure that you’re not making a bad investment is to have an expert in roofing, siding, and foundations like Ideal Roofing take inspect the home before you make any final moves.


There are companies out there that guide you legally and administratively to buy the right type of house that suits your financial circumstances and lifestyle. Companies such as Quickmove Conveyancing research into houses you are interested in and make you aware of any restrictions to it before you purchase it, and of course they make sure that you are in full possession of all the fiddly legal rights and titles. The people that work for these types of companies organise and set you up with your mortgage, any secured loans etc and are basically your tracker beam to the home you have always wanted.

Finding a conveyancing team that is reliable, professional and adaptable to each individual member or customer is essential.


Face to face, on the phone, via text, is all important. Communication is the key. Look for a conveyancing firm that excels in fast communication with their customers. Efficient Services  prove that the company is straight and on top of things in the office, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to speak to somebody when it matters, and whilst you’ve hired this company you’ll use their abilities to the fullest to get what you want.

Never rush and be organised

The Conveyancing company will never rush you into anything, so why should you rush yourself? Organise your house viewings and meetings coherently and stick to them.

Talking from experience, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert on interior design, buy the cheapest house in the nicest area and make the house a home yourself! Patience and organisation with the help of an conveyancing firm will in the end get you the house you want…Good Luck!

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