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Different Meeting Room Layouts You Can Use In Your Next Event


Meeting room layout is much more important for the success of the event than you may think at first glance. In many situations you need to observe a specific pecking order. Meeting room layouts will have to be perfectly chosen based on protocols, participants and much more. We do have to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages of all. Before you even think about using professional meeting room software from professionals like Pronestor, you have to lay down the foundations, like meeting room layouts.

The most common meeting room layouts that you will want to seriously consider in your following event are these:

  • U-shape

  • Theatre

  • Cabaret

  • Banquet

  • Boardroom

  • Classroom

Theatre style will have audience facing the stage. On the stage we have the main speakers and usually the VIPs staying. We have a room layout that is known as clear cut. This type of layout is the most common of all the conference related styles that are currently available.

An U-shaped room design style has table arranges in meeting venues in the shape of the letter U. In this case we usually have board meetings held. It is not that important to think about seating as the main focus is put on what is discussed.

Classroom style is quite similar to the above mentioned theatre style arrangement. We are faced with exactly the setting that is normally present inside a classroom. There is a presenter’s podium that is present in front of the audience or right among it.

Boardroom style is highly popular at the moment. This is actually the most popular of all the layouts for meeting rooms because of the fact that we have this setting in companies where senior managers in organizations have meetings. There is a rectangular table that is used and just one person would seat at one breadth.

Banquet meeting room arrangement style offers a really high degree of interaction. There are various meeting groups that would sit around small tables and there is a central meeting group that is present. In this central meeting group we regularly see a round table. This is where the important company members or VIP attendees stay.

Cabaret style arrangements are frequently used if the business meeting takes place in connection with some type of award ceremony. The layout will gave people sitting in semi-circles round tables. They will face the stage where people would deliver speeches. In most situations we have entertainment, drinks and food that will be present during the meeting.

Always consider absolutely all the layouts that are presented. Think about what is better for you based on the exact event that you want to organize. Have patience and do choose something that is 100% suitable for what you want to plan. Patience is going to help you and do make sure that you also think about all the other factors that are of high importance for the success of the meeting. The better the research, the higher the possibility of success!

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