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Do You have a Business that Deals with Customers Every Day? Here’s How to Improve Your Security


There are many different kinds of businesses, but if you have a business which deals with customers on a daily basis – if you have a business that allows customers direct access to employees, and your office is designed in such a way as to physically accommodate these customers – then you may need to enhance your security. Your office environment is a bit different, and this entails slightly different security measures as well. If you have a business that deals with customers every day, here’s how to improve your security.


A strong presence

One of the first deterrents to any criminal or unsavoury individual is the presence of security. The strong presence of security officers and enhanced (as well as obvious) security systems can play a very important role in deterring criminals or those who have bad intentions. For example, posting a security guard or officer right at your building’s entrance will show everyone that you have a certain degree of security in place. The same is true with installing CCTV cameras and other noticeable devices that will monitor everyone going in and out.

Proper access        

All your employees should also be issued the proper photo ID (identification) cards, and visitors who enter your premises should be required to register before they come in. If a visitor has a request to see a senior officer, the proper security measures should be taken as well, such as having a security officer or guard call the executive offices in order to confirm the visitor or appointment, or having the visitor escorted to the office.

Re-designing the space

Another security measure you can take would be to re-design the office space in such a way that your employees who have contact with customers are ‘protected’ by barriers, such as countertops, wall partitions, desks, and even computers and other office equipment. Placing these barriers in a conspicuous way can serve to deter criminals.

Briefing and training your employees

Your employees should also undergo a briefing on what to do in case there is a violent or threatening incident. They should be properly trained with regards to emergency situations, including knowing what number to call and knowing what to do to protect themselves. If possible, come up with a ‘code word’ which employees can use to alert others if they need help.

When it comes to security, preparedness is the key. It is important to prepare your premises and your employees in case anything goes wrong. With the right security measures and the presence of security officers and systems, you can go a long way to protecting your business, as confirmed by specialist security companies Exeter offers like Titan Security.



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