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Finding the Right Level of Security for your Business


A good level of security is vital for any business. After all, your stock will all be on your business premises, and it’s vital that it all stays protected. Ultimately, a break in where stock is either damaged or stolen could cost you thousands of pounds or your livelihood. In this post, we take a look at what level of security – particularly in terms of security fences – you’ll need for your business.

Low Security

Low security is a good option if you feel like your business isn’t at an immediate risk from theft or crime. However, even if you feel as though your business is in a low risk area, you’ll still need adequate protection to deter thieves; such as bow fencing.

These products can be simple and cost-effective, making them a no brainer for those looking to secure their businesses. In addition to this, you should also consider installing an alarm system on the premises. Studies show that even simply the presence of an alarm system can deter potential thieves, so they’re well worth purchasing.

Medium Security

If you work in an area deemed to be a bit of a higher risk, then of course you should invest in the above, but you should also bolster your safety further. Monitored alarms, security gates and additional CCTV cameras could also all provide an important step to ensuring that your stock, staff and business all stay safe.

Of course, at this stage, you need to be careful. All of these things come at a cost, so be wary of the amount of money you’re spending. Check the crime rate for your local area to see whether the amount of money you’re spending looks proportional to the risk.

High Security

And finally, if your business is at high risk, or if you think that the stock you’re handling is high risk, then you’ll need the maximum level of security available. This means that all of the above is essential, but also that you’ll need extra measures, too.

Instead of bow fencing, you’ll probably want high sided steel fences with vertical bars. In addition, it’s likely that you’ll want sheeted security gates, CCTV and potentially even a security guard to ensure that all of your stock stays safe.

So, to conclude, carefully consider the right level of security that you need in order to keep your business and its stock safe.

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