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Forget the Bonus and Order a Fruit Basket Delivery: Cost-Effective Benefits to Offer Employees


The news is full of dream companies to work for, ones that offer nap times or happy hours. But while all of that sounds like a great idea to keep employees happy and engaged, for the average business it’s a little out of the price range. If you’re searching for perks to offer your employees that don’t drain your expense account, here are a few suggestions to start you off.


  1. Opt for an office fruit delivery to show you care about their well-being.

It’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t had at least one horrible boss in their lifetime, the type of boss who is far more concerned with profits than they are with any of the employees working for them. The kind of boss that instead of telling you to get better soon when calling into work tells you instead to “figure it out.” As an employer, showing you care about your employees will make them care far more about your company. You can do this in any number of ways, but showing you care about their health and general wellness is a great place to start. Set your office up with a fruit basket delivery from the Fruitful Office and let them know that you’re looking out for them and appreciate all that they do. They’ll appreciate that you care enough to make the gesture.

  1. Make an effort to have regular celebrations.

Keeping the workplace a positive place is essential to having a successful business. As a worker, if you feel like you’ve been giving it your all but are seeing nothing in return, it makes it difficult to keep wanting to try. Take the time to celebrate the good news, even if it’s only for twenty minutes on a Friday afternoon. I worked for a company that took an hour on Friday to hand out sodas to employees and go over the successes of the week. There was much discussion about what had worked well and what hadn’t and it really provided a brief opportunity for employees to thank one another and end the week on a high note. If you’re hoping to improve employee engagement, these tips are a great place to start. And remember, it doesn’t have to break the bank to show your gratitude.

  1. Recognize good work, even if it’s a small.

It’s time to bring back employee of the month! Take the time to let your employees know that you’re seeing all the good that they’re doing and encourage them to keep it up. Offer up a small gift card to the worker with the most sales or the person who you feel does the best job that week. A little health competition is never bad as long as it isn’t anything too serious on the table and if you keep the challenges light and happy, the mood around your office will be brightened as well. Don’t worry too much about what gift you’re going to give – you can even make it funny. Create a homemade trophy and allow the week’s winner to display it proudly on their desk. If your employees have the same sense of humour, they’ll be sure to appreciate the time and effort you put into it.


Your employees are likely to be grateful that you’re showing an interest in their happiness at work, no matter how little it costs. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

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