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Giving Your Employees Recognition For Their Hard Work


When it comes to business, it is not your products or services that are the key element but your employees who deliver these goods and services. Read some interesting information on employee recognition on different sites online to get some helpful tips and advice on the subject. There are some critical reasons for rewarding your staff for dedication and hard work, and retaining them is not the only benefit.1

Engaged Staff

There are estimates that 80% of highly engaged staff receive a reward or some form of recognition for work well done, while 35% of unengaged staff receive a similar reward or recognition. When it comes to employee reward and recognition programs, it does not have to be expensive. Often, small gestures for work done well is enough to make an employee feel valued; and by rewarding your employees, you can help to make the work place dynamic. When an employee feels that their work is recognised and there is a small bonus or reward on offer for hitting set targets, you will find that people will often work harder. If an employee is feeling continually undervalued and unrewarded for their efforts, then you will stand a good chance of losing that employee who will leave to find a job where they do feel satisfied.

Find Out What They Want

Before you create your own reward program for employees, you will need to find out what they want rather than just presuming that you already know. Ask your members of staff for suggestions as to rewards they would like for achieving set targets. The workplace is often awash with a broad range of people, so everyone has different tastes and preferences. There are many rewards that you can offer employees to help improve their overall performance.

  • An early finish on a day of their choice
  • Tickets for concerts, exhibitions, shows, sporting events
  • A team day out
  • Gift vouchers
  • Gadgets
  • Food and drinks

We all have different tastes so making sure that you get a consensus of what rewards would be preferred is important before you implement any program. It is not going to be possible to please everyone, so as long as the majority of people are happy, then you will be able to have a positive effect on your workplace and the performance of your employees.

They Are Important

It can be very frustrating when you work very hard and get no recognition at all for it. Often, when an employee feels like this, they will leave the company and work elsewhere. If your best employees leave the company because of this or similar reasons, it can have a dramatic effect on your business. Any company is only as good as its employees, so keeping hold of the best members of staff is important.

By making a small regular gesture to reward your employees, you can help to make them feel appreciated, which can then make their productivity increase even more. When your staff are happy, they are more productive; and this can have a knock-on effect throughout the entire company. So if you do not currently have a reward program for your employees, you might want to consider creating one and make sure that your members of staff are happy.

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