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Hiring Now vs. Ten Years Ago

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As technology and social media have grown to take over many aspects of our daily lives, so too have they seeped their way into company hiring practices.  The ever-evolving hiring process is acutely aware of our social habits and is using this venue to search for qualified applicants.  Here is a collection of emerging methods that are being taught in human resources masters degree programs to find and to hire new employees.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are no longer used only for personal contact with friends and family.  Employers have now caught on to the fact that we spend a lot of our time on these sites.  There are millions of people using sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for extended periods of time every single day.  Therefore it is no surprise that social networking sites are now playing a big role in modern hiring practices.  Facebook is being used by companies to post job openings.  This is an excellent way to reach a lot of potential employees and it gives the job seeker access to finding job opportunities he or she may not have found otherwise.  LinkedIn is a great social networking site for those looking for networking and hiring opportunities because it connects people from same industries and allows employees to send out resumes from the site to prospective employers.  Twitter is also a social networking site that employers use to reach a large group of job seekers thereby allowing the company a large pool to choose from.  Advantage should be taken of these sites when looking for a job and it may be a good idea to make sure your Facebook and Twitter pages are in professional condition.  It is also recommended that you keep your LinkedIn page and references updated.

Online Interviewing

It is no secret that the interview is an essential part of the hiring process.  No matter how great a resume is employers want to talk to potential employees personally.  Ten years ago this typically was being done face to face.  With advancements being made with technology, the face to face is becoming less necessary.  Online interviewing is becoming widely popular as it can be very convenient to both parties.  It requires nothing more than a computer or smart phone, an internet connection, and sometimes a webcam.  This allows for the interview process to move more quickly as it can be conducted from anytime or place.  It also does not require the applicant to travel which is especially important if he or she lives a far distance.


Craigslist is a site that many people consider to be an online version of the classified.  However not only is Craigslist a place to buy and sell it is also widely used by people looking for new employees.  The site allows the employers post a job opening and then gathers applications.  This is utilized most often for part-time work and in areas such as painting, carpentry, and plumbing.  It is definitely an avenue worth checking out when searching for jobs because many employers are hiring people that they connected with through Craigslist.

Online Outsourcing

Another monumental change in the world of employment from ten years ago is outsourcing– online outsourcing that is.  This hiring trend is definitely a money-saving one and is used on sites such as ELance and Odesk.  Talent is found from around the world and employment is centered around small projects, such as web content writing and graphic design jobs.  Contracts are set up on these sites and usually the work is outsourced cheaply although the quality of the completed jobs are typically level with that of traditional counterparts.

With internet usage now at a global high, the hiring process has shifted effectively to keep up with the constantly changing technology.  From new ways of posting employments ads to new online interviewing processes and online outsourcing, there is much that has changed in the world of hiring even from ten years ago.  As a job seeker, it is paramount that you are aware of and that you keep up with these changing employment trends and that you make use of the advantages that come with them.  Good luck and happy job hunting!

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