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Improving Your Presentation Skills in 3 Steps


Having a unique and effective presentation style is imperative to the success of any presentation. Whether you are presenting toy cars or pitching advertising jingles, there are certain elements that any presentation must possess and there are a few steps that can help to ensure those elements are included. Below are the top three steps to help you improve your presentation skills.


  1. Study Your Material


Even if you have spent the last three months pulling your presentation together, it is important that you immerse yourself in the content that you plan to present. This is especially important if you have been spending a great deal of time in the material, because your breath of knowledge on the subject is probably far greater than the extent of the information that you plan to present. As such, you want to make sure that you specifically focus on the information that you plan to present and that you are fully aware of every aspect that entails. Remember, an effective presentation is one that is streamlined but still informative. You also do not want to include every bit of information that you will share in the presentation materials- the audience can read by themselves. Make sure that your presentation gives a good outline of the subject, but also have key facts or examples committed to memory that you can share to support the information that will actually be seen in the presentation.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice


There is an old saying that, “Practice makes perfect.” This is especially true when giving presentations. If you know that you get nervous, practicing your presentation several times can prove to be extremely beneficial. The more you practice the more the presentation will be committed to your memory, and that way even if you find yourself nervous you can depend on your muscle memory to guide you through. As such, you will want to rehearse with inflections, stressing key points and showing excitement about positive aspects. This will help to break up any monotony and keep listeners attentive. Also, you do not want to just write a script and practice saying it; you are giving a presentation, not a speech. Make sure that you practice the presentation using the presentation software that you will be utilizing during your actual presentation. This will also help you to develop a rhythm and flow, which can aid you with your memorization as well.







  1. Prepare Yourself


Once you have fully prepared the presentation you should prepare yourself personally. Make sure that you are well rested, that you eat a good meal in advance and that you rehearse the presentation or at least look over it before you give the full version. If you feel nervous, take some time beforehand to take a few deep breaths, center yourself and affirm your efforts.


Giving a quality presentation does take quite a bit of work, but it does not have to be overwhelming. Following the aforementioned steps can help you with the process. By making sure that you know the material you are presenting, practice consistently and prepare yourself to present, you can be sure to nail your next presentation. Click here to learn more about how companies like Clearslide can help you achieve your presentation goals.


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