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Reasons to move your business processes online


More and more of our time is spent online, if it’s not checking LinkedIn or the latest information on Social Media websites it’s consuming news through apps and websites or sending and receiving documents to companies such as utilities and government organisations.

Why you need to be online

Our entire world is increasingly online and it’s no different when it comes to our businesses. Whether that means analysing our online social media engagement or creating SEO for your web dev team, much of your business is likely to be already online and with the consistent shift to the cloud, that doesn’t seem to be slowing.

There’s a number of new products and services being introduced all the time, why not move more of your processes into the digital, online world and open up your business to the world?

Recruitment and procurement

Traditionally, procurement, for example has been limited to local or national suppliers reached through a network painstakingly built up over many years in the industry and through entries in industry news publications. Now, however, you can access a truly global network with just a few clicks of a mouse. Services such as the eAuction on Scanmarket provide an opportunity for your business to reach suppliers from all over the world in all industries. With auctions in many formats, including Japanese, Reverse and Dutch (among others), you can find what you are looking for on the terms that are best for your business or product.

Putting your procurement process online not only gives you greater access to the marketplace but puts you in total control. With auctions on your terms, you really can choose who is the best fit for your needs.

Go the distance with a cloud based CRM

Procurement isn’t the only platform that you can move online. Why not move your entire client management system online too – with access across the world, it means that your business, lead generation and project management follows you wherever you go. It’s also very easy to share online content to your all important social media feeds and websites. Your customers are your most important asset for your business, so what not invest in the right Client Relationship Manager to ensure that you never miss an opportunity?

By centralising your client’s information, needs, leads and your products, you are best placed to service the needs of your clients more regularly, and by using the data and information that such services provide, you can ensure that you’re never in a position to lose out on that vital contract.

WebCRM is one of the companies specialising in providing you an online opportunity to centralise your client register. With customisable options, which are designed to fit most business types and needs, it really is the perfect addition to business suite. For more, you can visit their website and book your own demo with their specialists, here

Embracing the digital world is as inevitable as the computer replacing the typewriter, so why not get ahead of the game and explore your online opportunities.




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